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NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass for Dogs – Two Drainage Systems

Every dog owner wants to give the best to their furry friend. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, you will want to provide them with the most comfortable space. However, dogs can often themselves destroy their surroundings with constant digging and scratching. It is not easy to control these instincts.
With indoors, you can obviously take certain measures but we definitely have a solution for the outdoors. With dogs, your yard can suffer from their wild activities and this means neither you can enjoy a lush-looking lawn nor the dog; ultimately losing a good outdoors to enjoy. To resolve this issue, you can install artificial grass for dogs. It is a two in one solution you have been waiting for. Your yard will get the clean look you have always wanted while your dog can finally play without destroying anything.
The NexGen Lawns bring K9 artificial grass in two different drainage systems. When you decide to install the artificial grass, you can choose the one to your liking. In this post, you get to learn about the two systems.
Crushed Stone Base
This is the proprietary drainage system by NexGen Lawns. While it is quite affordable, it is also effective in its drainage function. A special stone mix is created to support maximum drainage. It keeps the artificial grass dry and any urine or unwanted organic waste out. It is important to note that pet urine can leave behind bacteria that will proliferate if left unattended regardless of the presence of antimicrobial agents. In this perspective, the NexGen Lawns offer a premium stone drainage system that goes 3 to 4 inches deep; sufficient for proper waste management.
Air Panel System or Drainage Blanket
For a more aggressive solution to artificial grass drainage, you need the air panel system or drainage blanket. These work the best for commercial dog spaces. It is equipped to deal with heavy rainfall, indoors over concrete, terrain with less than 2 per cent slope, and great odor control. The air panel and blanket separate the turf from the ground and drainage point is pre-selected. All the waste is directed towards this point. In case of rain, the blanket can drain 4 inches of rain per hour. This means no more odor from accumulated organic waste and no muddy paws.
The NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass for dogs is a comprehensive solution. In addition to an effective drainage system, it also comes with the Zeofill Pet Deodorizer. This ensures that no smells are left behind when your dog litters or the grass becomes wet. Whether the artificial grass is installed at homes, doggy daycare centers, dog training centers or any other commercial space accommodating dogs, it offers the best function possible.
This is the turf you need to install in your yard if you want to see your dog play without worrying about destruction. You can yourself relax and enjoy a fresh, smooth, and lush green lawn.